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IAS and DataDot Partners

AUSTIN, Texas IAS, a provider of F&I aftermarket programs, has partnered with DataDot Dealer Services and will add its microdot theft deterrent system to the IAS anti-theft product portfolio, effective immediately. DataDots are a form of identification technology, which mark vehicles with their own DNA. Each microdot is the size of a grain of sand and is laser etched with a unique microscopic identification code and registered onto DataDot USA´s secure national database, as well as the ISO system which is directly connected to insurance companies, National Insurance Crime Bureau and law enforcement agencies. The microdots are applied using an adhesive and are able to withstand solvents, road salts and heat. Our partnership with DataDot gives our agents and dealers multiple theft deterrent choices for F&I depending on their region and preference, which largely varies by dealer, location and type of car being sold, said Bob Corbin, president and CEO at IAS. The DataDot technology is a low cost, highly effective way to provide our agents and dealers with a quality product that we hope will ultimately end up increasing sales and benefiting consumers. The addition gives IAS´ nationwide network of agents three different anti-theft choices to offer their dealership customers including Theft Avert window etch, Invisible Phantom Footprints body labeling and the Data Dots microdot identifying technology. We believe the DataDot technology is a great fit with IAS and their customers because we associate IAS with quality aftermarket products such as DataDot, said Michael Free, COO at DataDot Dealer Services. Their commitment to customer service and their high standards for administration and claims allows us to know that a consumer who buys the DataDot anti-theft deterrent system will be pleased with their choice of product. A vehicle can be fitted with thousands of DataDots that can be detected with a UV light and provide absolute proof of ownership and, therefore, supplying an additional layer of security. The unique code on the DataDot can read with a simple magnifying device.

Originally Published by F&I Magazine